Power BI Rugby Theme Fun

A bit of Friday Power BI fun. The Southern Hemisphere’s premier rugby competition, “The Rugby Championship”,¬†kicks off this weekend. Our consultants created Power BI themes to represent each of the 4 participating countries. Head over to the Power BI Rugby Theme Gallery to see your country’s theme and download it, or add some kudos ūüôā…

Financial forecasting, reporting and commentary at scale – LSA Synergy Case Study

Synergy gave LSA (Lifetime Support Authority) financial forecasting, reporting, commentary and interactive analysis at¬†scale. This translated to astounding business benefits such as: Effective low latent financial reporting Lesser reliance on IT to manage reporting structure Saved huge reporting and analysis effort Commentary¬† to contextualize data that follow the analysis for life Auditing and workflow Etc….

We test drive AWS QuickSight, again

This is the second test drive of the original AWS QuickSight done in October 2016 and it assesses any updates/ improvements. This short video shows the good and the not so good.

Get more from your Retail data with Predictive Analytics

This case study showcases¬†our solution that allows Sales and Marketing to¬†match customers to the products they are most likely to buy using retail data and predictive analytics. This case study is just as relevant today as it was just shy of one year ago when we created it. Combining this solution with Cognitive Intelligence such…

Better Client Care with IoT – Our Eldercare Case Study

Utilising Internet-connected devices and real-time Advanced Analytics, we created a solution that provides better client care, a reduction in cost, time and potential health risks. The solution helps the organisation overcome customer wellbeing challenges. Medication and Food must be kept at constant temperatures. This clever solution uses Azure IoT Suite and Cortana Intelligence Suit of…

We test drive Azure Time Series Insights

In this video, we take Azure Time Series Insights for a test drive. It is the new “fully managed analytics, storage, and visualization service that makes it simple to explore and analyse billions of IoT events simultaneously”. We also importantly look at the differences between Power BI’s real-time visualisation capabilities and Azure Time Series Insights….

Augmented Reality meets Advanced Analytics – it changes the way we plan

Using your historical data, putting it on steroids with the help of Machine Learning, then overlaying it with Augmented reality. All of a sudden you can see what impact changes in the physical space will have on your data. You can almost “experience” what the changes will look like. Combining AR/ VR with Advanced Analytics…

Important Power BI news release

Starting June 1, 2017, Microsoft is making some changes to the way Power BI is licensed, there are also some important changes to the Power BI Service. So if you use Power BI, or intend to use Power BI, please¬†be aware of¬†these changes. Expos√© has been at the forefront of the Power BI revolution and…

Student Attrition – Our Higher Education case study

A reporting solution that enabled an education provides the ability to identify student attrition rates, monitor potential student attrition causes and predict students who are likely to withdraw in the future. See more details here Рexposé case study РHigher Education Provider

Recharge! A full turnkey Azure cost solution

A full turnkey Azure cost solution brought to you by Expos√©. Recharge provides the ability to analyze the cost of your tenancy right down to the grain you determine, it also allows for reporting on historical information and trend analysis to identify extraordinary cost spikes or underutilization of environments for cost saving and ROI. For…