Important Power BI news release

Starting June 1, 2017, Microsoft is making some changes to the way Power BI is licensed, there are also some important changes to the Power BI Service. So if you use Power BI, or intend to use Power BI, please be aware of these changes. Exposé has been at the forefront of the Power BI revolution and…

Recharge! A full turnkey Azure cost solution

A full turnkey Azure cost solution brought to you by Exposé. Recharge provides the ability to analyze the cost of your tenancy right down to the grain you determine, it also allows for reporting on historical information and trend analysis to identify extraordinary cost spikes or underutilization of environments for cost saving and ROI. For…

From operational challenges to a modern, automated and simplified organisation – Our Business SA case study

An Exposé case study around our advanced analytics solution for the ‘voice of business in South Australia’,  Business SA. The solution was an important component of a large digital transformation program that saw Business SA transition to a modern, automated and simplified organization which was underpinned by the following technology changes; • A cloud-first strategy which…

Introducing Exposé’ Local Government Package

Based on exposé’ experience within Local Government, our Visualisation Proof of Concept Package is designed to assist in the creation of a visualization solution which can demonstrate the power of business intelligence to your business and citizens. expose-local-gov

Introducing Exposé’ Application Migration Assessment & Data Platform Design Package

Friends don’t let friends build highly complex, constrained and expensive data platforms, especially with the modern services available in today’s market. Our Application Migration Assessment & Data Platform Design package is designed to assist your organization in this assessment and Design. application-migration-assessment-data-platform-design

Is the Data Warehouse Dead?

I am increasingly asked by customers – Is the Data Warehouse dead? In technology terms, 30 years is a long time. This is how old the Data Warehouse is – that makes the Data Warehouse an old timer. Can we consider it a mature yet productive worker, or is it a worker gearing up for…

Advanced Analytics and Big Data Platform – RAA Case Study

An Exposé case study around our advanced analytics and big data platform for RAA that allows for the acquisition and blending of large volumes of fragmented geospatial data, transforming it using massive processing capacity, using predictive analytics to assess the risk of millions of properties, and providing interactive and geospatial visualisations of the blended data and…

Exposé is now a Microsoft Azure Technology and Services Partner

The team at Exposé are proud to announce that we have been recognized as a Microsoft Azure Technology and Services Partner – This means that we are a Microsoft recognized partner who has a ready-made or custom Azure solution/s, and we can help deploy and manage those solutions for your business.

Disrupting the banking market

This video shows a comprehensive solution geared around disruption in the Banking market, from transactions through to advanced analytics. The viewer meets 3 different customers, their challenges and how the bank responds to them.