Transmissions Dashboard – our Energy Infrastructure Provider case study

This Transmissions Dashboard solution we designed and developed for this national Energy Infrastructure Provider involved both a data platform and analytical dashboards. It reduced reporting turnaround potential by over 1000%, allowing staff to focus on business-critical tasks. It embedded a trusted source of truth and quality and consistency of analysis. It improved analytical agility and timely…

We test drive AWS QuickSight, again

This is the second test drive of the original AWS QuickSight done in October 2016 and it assesses any updates/ improvements. This short video shows the good and the not so good.

Better Client Care with IoT – Our Eldercare Case Study

Utilising Internet-connected devices and real-time Advanced Analytics, we created a solution that provides better client care, a reduction in cost, time and potential health risks. The solution helps the organisation overcome customer wellbeing challenges. Medication and Food must be kept at constant temperatures. This clever solution uses Azure IoT Suite and Cortana Intelligence Suit of…

We test drive Azure Time Series Insights

In this video, we take Azure Time Series Insights for a test drive. It is the new “fully managed analytics, storage, and visualization service that makes it simple to explore and analyse billions of IoT events simultaneously”. We also importantly look at the differences between Power BI’s real-time visualisation capabilities and Azure Time Series Insights….

Augmented Reality meets Advanced Analytics – it changes the way we plan

Using your historical data, putting it on steroids with the help of Machine Learning, then overlaying it with Augmented reality. All of a sudden you can see what impact changes in the physical space will have on your data. You can almost “experience” what the changes will look like. Combining AR/ VR with Advanced Analytics…

We test drive Azure Analysis Services – the good, and the not so good.

Microsoft’s announcement of the release of Azure Analysis Services for SSAS Tabular solutions as a PaaS solution has come at just the right time. See the related article here – In the modern world of Advanced Analytics, Semantic Models rather than data warehouses will increasingly play the core role in corporate data landscapes –…

From operational challenges to a modern, automated and simplified organisation – Our Business SA case study

An Exposé case study around our advanced analytics solution for the ‘voice of business in South Australia’,  Business SA. The solution was an important component of a large digital transformation program that saw Business SA transition to a modern, automated and simplified organization which was underpinned by the following technology changes; • A cloud-first strategy which…

Introducing Exposé’ Local Government Package

Based on exposé’ experience within Local Government, our Visualisation Proof of Concept Package is designed to assist in the creation of a visualization solution which can demonstrate the power of business intelligence to your business and citizens. expose-local-gov

Introducing Exposé’ Application Migration Assessment & Data Platform Design Package

Friends don’t let friends build highly complex, constrained and expensive data platforms, especially with the modern services available in today’s market. Our Application Migration Assessment & Data Platform Design package is designed to assist your organization in this assessment and Design. application-migration-assessment-data-platform-design