Breaking: Microsoft announced a brand new Azure Machine Learning service, available in the Australian region

Exciting news hot off the press – Microsoft just announced new features in the Azure Machine Learning offering, available in preview in the following regions: East US, West Central US, and Australia East

One of the new feature offerings is Azure Machine Learning Services which provides additional functionality and regions over the existing and user-friendly Azure Machine Learning studio offering.

Azure Machine Learning Services includes:

  • ML on a bigger scale
  • AI-powered data wrangling
  • Spark
  • Docker
  • Cognitive Toolkit
  • TensorFlow
  • Caffe
  • Etc.
  • And relevant to Australian customers with data sovereignty concerns, the ability to provision this service in Australia East.

The differentiation seems to be that this new offering will apply to professional data scientists and allow for an end-to-end Data Science solution, whereas Azure machine Learning Studio will still be used by data analytics professionals who are more casual data scientists.

In Azure Machine Learning Services the model development and training occurs in Machine Learning Experimentation (I.e. the Azure Machine Learning Workbench application). When this is provisioned in Azure, it invokes a local Workbench Installer.

Once installed, the user can access the Workbench App. This is where ML training and scoring projects are managed. The screenshot below clearly shows it is much different from its Azure Machine Learning Studio predecessor. 

Once you log in to the Workbench you will be in the Workbench Dashboard, which is where projects are created and managed. It also contains templates that can be used by new users as starting points to learn from.

There is a good high-level overview here.