Water Consumption Demand Prediction – our SA Water case study

This case study shows how we replaced a global pipeline prediction system with a predictive solution based on Azure Machine Learning. Water consumption demand prediction is now highly accurate and it provides a much higher degree of flexibility and cost savings to SA Water. Read our case study here: exposé case study – SAWater Predictive

Internet of Mice

The Internet of Mice – Our IoT and Advanced Analytics Solution Understanding how animals involved in research move and eliminating as much human handling as possible makes for a much more humane environment for the animals. The outcome is more accurate results for the researchers. See how our IoT and Advanced Analytics solution developed for…

Our YouTube channel

Our youtube Channel We have a growing list of videos on our YouTube channel where you can find some selected case studies, test drives and solutions. Get an inside look at the world of Smart Analytics. Topics include:  Advanced Analytics, Cognitive Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented- and Virtual Reality, IOT and Business Intelligence Feel free to…

Chatbots – how the Azure bot framework is changing the AI game

What are Chatbots? Communication underpins intelligence. And language underpins communication. But language is complex and must be understood through the prism of intent and understanding. For example: Take the term, “thong” – in Australian slang this means flip-flops, a meaning lost on someone not familiar with Australian slang, as it means underwear in most other…

Get more from your Retail data with Predictive Analytics

This case study showcases our solution that allows Sales and Marketing to match customers to the products they are most likely to buy using retail data and predictive analytics. This case study is just as relevant today as it was just shy of one year ago when we created it. Combining this solution with Cognitive Intelligence such…

Student Attrition – Our Higher Education case study

A reporting solution that enabled an education provides the ability to identify student attrition rates, monitor potential student attrition causes and predict students who are likely to withdraw in the future. See more details here – exposé case study – Higher Education Provider

Can you predict if a student will drop out? Yes!

Our case study on a Higher Education Institution and the 360-degree student attrition solution we designed and developed. An intelligent way to understand attrition in the past, and using that to predict attrition in the future. It allows the institution to foster relationships, at-risk students, before the event, ultimately decreasing attrition and avoiding revenue leakage….