2017 Year in Review

Here are some highlights from a big 2017. Thank you to all our customers, and our awesome team. Feel free to get in touch to see how we can assist you. Kelly – Head of Sales, Marketing and Partnerships kelly.drewett@exposedata.com.au Etienne – Head of Technology and Solutions etienne.oosthuysen@exposedata.com.au

We test drive AWS QuickSight, again

This is the second test drive of the original AWS QuickSight done in October 2016 and it assesses any updates/ improvements. This short video shows the good and the not so good.

Artificial Intelligence in Advanced Analytics Platforms

Artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses various technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, cognition, and machine reasoning. Usually, AI is defined as a biological system which is designed for computers to give them the human-like ability of hearing, seeing, thinking and then reasoning. One of the newest technology applications in businesses, Computer Vision,…

Is the Data Warehouse Dead?

I am increasingly asked by customers – Is the Data Warehouse dead? In technology terms, 30 years is a long time. This is how old the Data Warehouse is – that makes the Data Warehouse an old timer. Can we consider it a mature yet productive worker, or is it a worker gearing up for…

2016 Year in Review

Just some highlights from 2016. Thank you to all our customers, and our awesome team.

Disrupting the banking market

This video shows a comprehensive solution geared around disruption in the Banking market, from transactions through to advanced analytics. The viewer meets 3 different customers, their challenges and how the bank responds to them.

Test drive AWS QuickSight

As part of our commitment to deliver the best possible business outcome for our Advanced Analytics customers, we ensure that we remain across the technologies that enable us to deliver such outcomes. This test drive of AWS’ QuickSight BI tool and its underlying parallel processing engine (SPICE) is part of that commitment to our customers and…

The battle of the AMLs – Amazon Machine Learning Vs Azure Machine Learning

As machine learning has become more accessible to businesses and the number of products currently available has risen in the market, the question is regularly asked of us as leaders in data and analytics to recommend, or at least provide insight, into some of those products.  Machine learning has become more accessible and there are…