Augmented Reality meets Advanced Analytics – it changes the way we plan

Using your historical data, putting it on steroids with the help of Machine Learning, then overlaying it with Augmented reality. All of a sudden you can see what impact changes in the physical space will have on your data. You can almost “experience” what the changes will look like. Combining AR/ VR with Advanced Analytics…

Recharge! A full turnkey Azure cost solution

A full turnkey Azure cost solution brought to you by Exposé. Recharge provides the ability to analyze the cost of your tenancy right down to the grain you determine, it also allows for reporting on historical information and trend analysis to identify extraordinary cost spikes or underutilization of environments for cost saving and ROI. For…

Introducing Exposé’ Local Government Package

Based on exposé’ experience within Local Government, our Visualisation Proof of Concept Package is designed to assist in the creation of a visualization solution which can demonstrate the power of business intelligence to your business and citizens. expose-local-gov

Introducing Exposé’ Application Migration Assessment & Data Platform Design Package

Friends don’t let friends build highly complex, constrained and expensive data platforms, especially with the modern services available in today’s market. Our Application Migration Assessment & Data Platform Design package is designed to assist your organization in this assessment and Design. application-migration-assessment-data-platform-design

Synergy Reporting

The Synergy Solution assists organizations with accessing their people, finance, and operational data at any time, in any place and on any device in order to make informed business decisions without the need for static reports and reliance on IT. Download the brochure here: synergy-brochure Here is a quick demo of Synergy