A Modern Data Analytics and User Engagement Platform – our South Australian Local Council case study

Find out how we enabled this South Australian Local Council to help achieve its strategic objective and move closer towards becoming a smart city by designing and delivering a Modern Data Analytics and User Engagement Platform, which provides rapid and reliable analytics along with the ability to add new analytics workloads swiftly and securely.

Read our case study here.

Delivering a Data and Information Reference Architecture – our Department of Health and Human Services (Victoria) case study

The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) in Victoria is in the process of aligning their data ecosystem, processes and methodologies to adapt to current radical shifts in the way data are acquired, manipulated and used. We worked closely with their stakeholders to design and develop a Data and Information Reference Architecture to support this radical shift. This will now set the scene for a technology specific reference architecture and subsequent data projects based on this modern, scalable and extendable design.

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Power BI Operational Framework and a comprehensive tenancy move – our RMIT case study

Our latest case study showcases the recently completed design and implementation of our unique Power BI Operational Framework solution at RMIT, one of Australia’s largest universities. 

Find out how this solution, complemented by a cutting edge automated move of RMIT’s large Power BI tenancy from Singapore to Australia, as well as comprehensive training to key stakeholders, now ensures the governed adoption and management of the new Power BI platform in a domain of thousands of users.

Please read our case study here.

Exposé – the 2019 Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year, runner up in the category of Power BI

We are delighted to announce that Exposé has been named as the runner up for the 2019 Microsoft Global Partner of the year award in the category Power BI. We’re proud to add this global award to our two previous Microsoft Australian Partner Awards in 2016 and 2017. This achievement is no small feat given how young we are and is truly a testament to our talented and committed team; both in Adelaide and Melbourne.

The SA Water solution we submitted for this global award, followed our tried and tested best practice approach, ensuring a thorough understanding and delivery of business outcomes first, with the technology simply being the enabler. We constantly bend and push the envelope on technology, in this instance Power BI, to deliver the required outcomes, rather than make outcomes bend to technology.

“The modularity and scalability provided by the Power BI and the larger Azure platform allowed us to tailor something pretty unique to our customer and their challenging requirements. It allowed us to create a truly scalable, responsive and extendable IOT based analytical ecosystem that can be scaled out to thousands of devices, leveraging complex alarm rules controlled by users, visual remote monitoring and responsive actions, visual analysis, and now deep learning over the data.” Etienne Oosthuysen, National Manager, Technology and Solutions

“I am incredibly proud of our team for delivering a solution for SA Water which has not only over delivered on our customer’s requirements, but has now been recognised globally as a best of breed solution. Thank you to SA Water for trusting us with your data and allowing us to develop a forward thinking solution.” Kelly Drewett, General Manager

See the nominated SA Water solution case study here.

See a short video of the solution here.

Power BI Report Server and BI Platform Upgrade – our PIRSA case study

The Department for Primary Industries and Regions South Australia  (PIRSA) faced an increased demand for consumption of Power BI dashboards and reports in a modern and centralised platform. With the business not quite ready to move to the cloud, we architected and created a solution that could serve as a stepping stone that could satisfy their needs, provide mobile reports, retain the ability to access paginated and Excel reports, leverage newer capabilities introduced into SQL Server since 2012 and provide a roadmap to later cloud adoption.

Read our case study here.

Building a unified model for consistent and coherent team reporting – our City of Adelaide case study

We created a unified model for the City of Adelaide across fragmented data sources (including on premise, cloud, file based and SaaS) to deliver a consist and coherent reporting solution across different teams.

Manual, costly and inconsistent preparation and curation effort were eliminated through the automated solution, delivering a single source of interactive Customer Program performance reporting.

See our case study here.

Establishing a corporate report style and data model framework – our Local Government case study

Our Local Government case study shows how the establishment of a corporate report style and data model framework greatly assisted business report designers build their operational reports in a more streamlined fashion with greater consistency, and provide the IT team a foundation to expand on.

Read the case study here: exposé case study – Local Government – Data Model and PBI Templates

Bringing Australian Wine to the World – our Wine Australia case study

See how we used modern methodology, cloud analytical technologies and thought leadership to architect and create this public facing interactive export analytical solution that empowers Australian wine exporters to make informed, data-driven decisions.

See our case study here.

Have a look at the solution in the link below. Use any of the “Get Started” questions to start your journey. Market Explorer Tool

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